Change Log

Next Version:
  • Bug fix: remove experiment actually removes experiment
  • New measurements: Spatial Statistics , Object Orientation
  • New prefilter: Subtract Gaussian
  • Possibility to dispay nucleus ROIs on the whole field image (show ROIs button in the Cell frame of the Data tab)

Version 0.82:
  • New measurements: Texture 3D
  • Fixed display bug in Data tab on MacOS
  • JACOP plugin can use filtered images as input images, and set custom filters before computing colocalization in order to reduce noise and thus increase the sensibility of the measurement

Version 0.75 (01 july 2013):
  • cells can be sorted by any measurement performed on the nucleus in the main cell list (measurements need to be performed with version >=0.75)
  • thumbnails of any structures can be displayed in the main cell list
  • added post-filter Erase Spots
  • minor bug fixes

Version 0.7:
  • fixed bug in binary open post-filter
  • fixed bug in manual nucleus segmenter

Version 0.65
  • added sort by measurement in object manager