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Research Unit Presentation


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Research in our laboratory "Genome Structure and Instability" are relate to nucleic acids, their structures, their dynamics and their interactions with cellular partners. Our research works aim to characterize the molecular and cellular functions associated with nucleic acids, in particular the molecular mechanisms of genetic instability, involved in various pathological and evolutionary processes. As part of these studies, we are developing new strategies, selective in the genome to study or artificially control these functions. The peculiarity of our researches is to develop interdisciplinary approaches by taking advantage of our expertise at the interface between chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry and biology. Our laboratory is currently organized around three teams.

Our laboratory CNRS-Inserm-Museum originates from the “Laboratoire de Biophysique du Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle” established in 1961 by Charles Sadron and further developed by Claude Hélène, who were both internationally renowned molecular biophysicists in the nucleic acids field and pioneers of the interdisciplinarity. It is always in this spirit, combining different disciplines, mainly biophysics, chemistry and biology, that the laboratory develops its current projects, always focused on nucleic acids.


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Job Offer

Opening of the exhbit "I eat therefore I am" at teh Musee de l'Homme, with Christophe Lavelle as scientific curator.

More information http://www.museedelhomme.fr/fr/programme/expositions-galerie-lhomme/je-mange-je-suis-3970.

Next lab meetings 

Internal seminar

M2 projects (Solène, Yanis, Alice, Lina, Anne-Claire)

Monday 17th March 2020

9h30 - Biophysics library

43 Rue Cuvier

75005 PARIS