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Simple Geometrical Measurements plugin

This plugin allows basic 3D geometrical measurements in calibrated unit on detected objects like volume, area,... and some shape descriptors like Compacity, Feret, ... . All detailed measurements are :

  • Volume (in pixels) : the total number of voxels in the object.
  • Volume (in unit) : the volume in unit, using voxel calibration.
  • Surface (in pixels) : the total number of voxels at the surface of object.
  • Surface (in unit) : the surface in unit, using voxel calibration (voxel at the surface in XY or Z may have not the same calibrated surface).
  • Centroid (Cx, CY, CZ) : the coordinate of the isobarycenter of the object.
  • Compacity ; ratio between volume and surface, values close to 1 describe a spherical object.
  • Feret : the longest distance between two voxels of the object.
  • Elongation : when fitted by an ellipsoid, the ratio between the longest axis and the second longest axis.
  • Ratio Ellipsoid / volume, ratio between the fitted 3D ellipsoid and the actual volume, valus close to 1 describe an ellpitic shape.
  • DC measures, all distances from the center to the surface are computed, average and standard deivation are displayed.
  • Z-thickness : the difference between the highest Z and lowest Z of the object.
  • XY measures : measures in 2D for all slices, for Feret diameter or 2D ellipsoid fitting, useful for quasi-flat objects.


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