Team leader

Jean-Baptiste Boulé

jbboule at mnhn.fr

tel: 0140795616


Group members      

  • Jean-Baptiste Boulé,    CR CNRS      
  • Emmanuelle Delagoutte, CR CNRS        
  • Christophe Lavelle, CR CNRS                  
  • Alexandra Joubert, IE CNRS
  • Thao Tran, post-doctorante, Marie Curie Fellow 


Anciens membres:


  • Caroline Pillier, master student (M2 2019)
  • Nehama Edery, master student (M2 2019)
  • Solène Leprince, master student (M1 2019)



GPA is an interdisciplinary team interested broadly interested in adaptation of organisms to environmental changes. Our aim is to study  adaptation by combining physiology and molecular genetics approaches.





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